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Yes, It is Time For Me to Focus

Jan. 16, 2013

My focus this week has been all over the board. Which I guess it means I'm not focused. This is the time of year when my day entails all the things I didn't do in the fall. Scheduling who is covering what when we have men's and women's basketball going on as well as men's and women's swimming, indoor and outdoor track, baseball, softball, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's golf, dance and cheer championships, signing day, and fundraising golf tournaments. There are four of us, as you well know by now, and every home event has to be covered while traveling with four teams. It takes a spread sheet and some occasional help. In the meantime, we are still working out things and updating the web.

Speaking of updating the web, it is also the time of year when I work on player and coaches bios for football. I came across a few things that only the above average football fan may know. While we all know the time improved on one win in 2011 to three in 2012, you may not have noticed that the offense improved drastically in several areas. For example the team's national rank in the category of passing offense improved 51 spots. Seven of the eight players who ran the ball for FAU ended his season with positive yardage. FAU improved by 21 spots nationally in sacks allowed which helped to make all of the offense better. Also, while we will all miss Alfred Morris, as a unit FAU's rushing attack gained just 38 yards fewer than the year before with a dominant player. All this tells me, the team made great strides a year ago which shows great promise for the future.

Now, back to my other pile of work, I have found 74 team photos that I had previously archived in the library, which will be added to the team picture walls displayed in the Oxley Center. Come by any time you are ready for memory lane.

Katrina McCormack

C-USA Unbridled Ambition Learfield