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The Holidays Have Come and Gone

Jan. 9, 2013

The Holidays have come and gone and it is back to work full-time, rather than just the games. The holiday season was great! It was my first Thanksgiving in more than 20 years, men's basketball, women's basketball and swimming primarily competed on the road, so I enjoyed a nice break.

Often this time of year is a walk down memory lane, because it is my chance to work on historical things prior to the push to update the football media guide, or records section. This year my stroll was jump started by a surprise visit by FAU All-American Per Segerstrom, mentioned in an earlier blog. That was followed by FAU student video coordinator Ginette Javier and I recording too much video for the Holiday card, CLICK HERE. So, my answer was let's have two. The first was a personal look at the FAU Head Coaches favorite holiday memories. The second was their favorite FAU memory.

So join me on my stroll CLICK HERE for a few of FAU's best memories. I'm not in the video and probably would be hard pressed to come up with one, but my top three are (in no particular order): 1. Crowd's reception of the 2007 New Orleans Bowl Champions at the Boca Raton Holiday Parade; 2. Former Head Baseball Coach Kevin Cooney's face during his NCAA post-regional interviews after defeating Alabama and advancing to the Super Regional. 3. The media's response when I called to confirm the men's basketball team defeated North Carolina State in 1994.

Enjoy the games, it is a big week for men's and women's basketball.

Katrina McCormack

C-USA Unbridled Ambition Learfield