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Winter/Spring 2014 Schedule (Click for more info)
Day Camp  Date - Ages

Spring Break Day Camp, March 17-21 - 5-14            

ID Camp, Date - Ages                        
FAU ID Camp (Feb), February 9th - 14-19
FAU ID Camp (May), May 10th - 14-19
Summer 2014 Schedule (click for more information) 
Day Camps, Dates - Ages
Day Camp I, June 9- 13 - 5-14
Day Camp II, June 16-20 - 5-14
Day Camp III, June 23-27 - 5-14
Day Camp IV, July 7-11 - 5-14
Day Camp V, July 21-25 - 5-14

Residential Camps - TBA
Position Specific Camps - TBA

9 weeks of camp between June 9 - August 8.

Run Fast Camps