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NCAA Donor Compliance

As a member of the Owl Club, you are considered by the NCAA to be a booster. The NCAA defines a booster in a number of ways, including anyone who has ever made a financial contribution to FAU Athletics, the Owl Club or purchased tickets for an FAU event.

In order to assure that FAU Athletics upholds the integrity of NCAA and the Sun Belt conference policies designed to promote a fair and sportsmanlike college sports environment, we ask that you - as a member of the Owls family - take the time to acquaint yourselves with this important information.

The NCAA holds FAU accountable for the actions of its fans and friends. If you have any questions, please contact our Athletics Compliance office at 561-297-2992.

Boosters are prohibited from involvement in recruiting prospective student athletes. A prospective student-athlete is anyone who has started seventh grade classes for men's basketball, or ninth grade classes for all other sports. Boosters should contact an FAU Athletics staff member about any questions in this regard and refrain from attempting to contact any prospect or to influence his or her decision to attend FAU. Such contact includes activity on Facebook or other social networking sites.

Please note an extra benefit to a student athlete is anything that is provided by a staff member or booster to a student athlete, his or her family, and friends that is not provided to the general student body under the same terms. Providing anything considered to be an extra benefit to an Owl student athlete can jeopardize his or her eligibility to compete and put FAU Athletics at risk for penalties. Some common examples of extra benefit include:

  • Cash, loans, or gifts of any kind, including tickets to entertainment events
  • Free or reduced cost meals and beverages
  • Free or reduced services
  • Free lodging or rental property at a reduced rate

When in doubt, remember to always "ask" before you act.

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